i'm thinking of this word.
it feels like cold beer and looks like twizzlers.
it's what you want to jump up and scream out loud during your quietest class.
it's what that sweaty guy in the elevator whispered to himself while everyone else
stares straight ahead.
this is not a riddle.
it's wide-eyed, suspicious, and when it dreams, there are always midgets.
it makes you wanna holler, tears your flesh, then soothes you really nicely.
if you look at it the right way, it's a defibrilator;
but if you look at it wrong, it'll smack saliva across its lips.
by now it's probably creeping up on you in the exact opposite direction
you're looking in. don't be afraid. even the strongest men weep at the
sight of a rabid chimp tearing the testicles from an old man.

verbus novus

illiterape, v. 1. (origin unknown) to dress down with an erudite retort or obscure literary reference. 2. (vulgar) to fuck someone until they can't read



that lady is so fine
makes me wanna take her panties home
and make soup

and another thing

if you are a big fat sweaty man, with an unkempt beard and an unconvincing clipboard
and you ask my wife if she wants to help the children
she'll say no