some may say i'm a communist
but g.black is a blogging fascist
we all know he is one of those
one of those who hates freedom
freedom of blogging
down with tyranny and online terrorism!

open letter to mr. gribbah

Dear Sir-
For the following reasons, I find your director extraordinarily mediocre:
-can't keep mr. penn from screwing up his face and thrashing around like a large-mouthed bass battling the old man and the sea
-ill-used matrix-like sound design
-when's the last time you saw danny? 25 years ago, in that car...(vomit everywhere)
-cramming an otherwise compelling story into a weak hollywood formula

You Know Who



why are you following me, lady?
and why are you following me at exactly same distance at all times?
also, why do you insist on talking on your phone so loudly?
in addition, i suspect that you had too much chocolate mousse right before bed.
shame on you. don't you know that you're more likely to gain weight that way?
unless, of course, that's what you want.
which is fine.
finally, you may be outraged, but i felt in my perfect rights
to trip you when i stopped to let you by.



best views in la:

full on night as the carpool lane of 105 east curves around to joins 110 north, high above the city.
you could keep going up and watch the city get more and more beautiful as you get farther from it.

around dusk. turn the corner of los feliz blvd as it becomes western. city stretched out before you.
did you know western goes all the way down to long beach?

(fucking hell. why does my list of best views in LA start with two you have to see while driving?)

charmlee nature reserve, malibu, at the edge of the meadow, looking out over the ocean, smoggy LA nowhere to be seen

chuck d's balcony at night

tommy trojan around lunchtime

the chicago skyline in my head as i nap on my sofa

questions for the supernatural being/nothingness beyond:

why the exposed butt crack?

why unreasonable dogmatics in positions of power?

why marmite?

why am i so sexy?

why do i clear my throat incessantly?

who feeds the little gnomes inside that make my computer go?

why do you care so much about imposing your ideology on my life?

quien es mas macho, skater chicks or female proctologists?

how can i be a nicer pesron?

how can i be a bigger asshole?

how can i make ridiculous amounts of money?

how can i feed the poor?

why am i happy after coffee, melancholy after sex, angry in line, stoned after acupuncture, on fire after failure, deflated after success, righteous under pressure, blase in power?