can i borrow your towel to wipe the nerd off my face?

advanced sound email exchange:

BL: if you have questions or can't figure out
your tdif from your adat
to your MADI feel free to hit me up at this
here gmail address.

MK: What's this about? Are you saying that we can
get DTRS copies of our 554

ZH: If I want to convert the SRLP to DTS ES with TDIF
or AES specs on the DSP
chip with the SPDIF, what should I ultimately set
the output format to?

BL: If you want to use tdif you
better have a tascam
board and sure if you want to send it through aes
then you could actually
send it out of the workstation before the encode,
via tdif into some
outboard processors, say an apogee something or
other, back in to the
workstation off the apogee via an AES/EBU pair and
then to the dolby
encoder for your DTS ES encode.

KT: If my OPP isn't compatible with Dub A's HOVA,
can I just use a WTF encoder to transfer my GUNIT files to a
BIG drive?