leaf, new

anything is better than nothing:



music inhabits the breath
of its lover
notes inhabit the cavern
of the cello

both swell and glisten
with the effort of being

at the edge of their impassioned
embrace the first wave of clear joy crests,
then crashes
into the parched
world around


slitrixous (adj) - the combination of beauty and emptiness in a person. present everywhere, but particularly in Los Angeles, CA.


this stride for stride relationship
could become pursuit at any moment


convinced it wasn't there
i tried to walk through your mind


Give up the drip
and suffer thirst and hallucination
for a gaze of green,

the days will turn a sweet tangerine.
Peels that reek the very fragrance of potential.
Something to expose your poverty,

something to cut away the haze and burn
of the excess flesh dangling.
Beg for a dark lady

cross or circle,
someone to wrench the barbed spirits from your body

anything to whip your flesh into its firmest glory.

but this will do.